Slides & Codes


Title Speaker
Hands-on tvOS Ben Scheirman code
Designing app icons for fun & profit Michael Flarup n/a
Test-Driven Development Hands-On Jon Reid slides
Thinking in Swift Ash Furrow n/a


Title Speaker
Build features not apps Natasha Murashev slides
Backend-driven UIs John Sundell slides
The hidden powers of JavaScript in iOS and MacOS Cesare Rocchi slides
Mind Mapping for all of us - The Power of Making Your App Accessible. Matthias Tretter slides
'I have a framework idea' - Repeat less, share more. Fabio Milano slides
iOS Application Architecture Krzysztof Zabłocki slides
Xamarin - Why not? Dan Ardelean slides
Swift on Linux Ben Schierman slides | code
Taming MVC with Model View Presenter Jon Reid slides
App Search in iOS Katerina Gridina slides
Escape From Alcatraz: The Brave New World of Xcode Extension Ellen Shapiro slides
Protocol Obsessed Programming Tammo Freese slides

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